Whistleblower & Source Protection Program (WHISPeR)

Help National Security Whistleblowers & Sources Take Cases to Court

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Help WHISPeR Raise $5,000 to Take Whistleblowers, Sources & Hacktivists' Cases to Court

Renowned human rights attorney Jesselyn Radack founded the non-profit project Whistleblower & Source Protection Program (WHISPeR) to protect the most controversial and courageous truth-tellers in the world. She represents Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Bill Binney and John Kiriakou, who told the public the truth and have been exiled, criminally investigated, or prosecuted under the Espionage Act.

Without whistleblowers, sources, hacktivists, and journalists, we would not know about NSA surveillance, torture or civilian casualties in the U.S. government's drone campaign. WHISPeR attorneys represent dozens of still-anonymous national security, intelligence community, and human rights whistleblowers, who are bankrupted, blacklisted, and broken, and WHISPeR represents them for free.

Even when a legal remedy is available, it can take years of expensive litigation.

By raising just $5,000 in tax-deductible donations this fall, WHISPeR can dedicate much-needed resources to litigating whistleblower cases in court.

Truth-tellers have your back. And WHISPeR has theirs.

WHISPeR advocates for truth-tellers, defends them in court, defends them publicly, and helps them speak truth to power. At a time when government secrecy is expanding, government surveillance is more pervasive than ever, and the government claims more executive power to detain and kill even American citizens without due process, our democracy needs whistleblowers, sources, hacktivists and aggressive investigative journalism.

Please support WHISPeR so we can support truth.

All donations to WHISPeR are tax-deductible.