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Sources and whistleblowers are essential to ensuring the transparency of our government, but they face immense risks. WHISPeR exists to defend them.

The Whistleblower and Source Protection Program (WHISPeR) is headed by whistleblower attorney Jesselyn Radack. WHISPeR provides critical legal support for national security and human rights whistleblowers and media sources.

Our clients are the most important whistleblowers of our time: NSA whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Bill Binney, CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, and dozens of others witnessing national security and human rights violations. Without truth-tellers and investigative journalism, we would not know about NSA surveillance, the CIA's torture program or the civilian casualties of the U.S. government's drone campaign. These truth-tellers have been bankrupted, blacklisted and broken, exiled and criminally investigated and prosecuted under the Espionage Act.

Our model encompasses affordable legal protection, public advocacy, investigative journalism, and the latest in encryption technology. By protecting whistleblowers, sources, and online activists, we facilitate robust investigative journalism, hold government to account, protect the freedoms of speech, privacy and the press, and foster the most critical component of democratic society: an informed citizenry.

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